Owners and Managers

PADI, SDI, TDI Instructor
Recreational diving, decompression diving and sidemount
Languages : English and French


I started diving in 2007 in Guadeloupe. After my first dive
I exclaimed: “I want to make this my profession”.

In 2012, I passed my PADI dive instructor certificate in Bali. From then on, I regularly taught recreational diving in the different lakes of Switzerland. At the same time I improved my diving skills by practicing technical diving with a rebreather, a sidemount, double tanks and cave diving. I also currently teach TEC diving courses. During my career, I have dove in many countries on almost all continents.

My passion always gives me the same pleasure to discover and teach recreational diving or TEC diving.

PADI Divemaster, Discover scuba diving leader
Languages : English and French


In 2014, I obtained my CFC as a Socio-Educational Assistant in Switzerland, enabling me to care for the elderly, disabled and children of all ages.

I discovered scuba diving with Josselin in 2013, when we met.

Quickly it became my passion and I passed my Divemaster certificate in 2017.

All my courses were done in Leman lake in Switzerland and I had the chance to discover the seabed of Asia, Egypt and Guadeloupe.

We are two Swiss. After a year around the world, we got married in November 2016. Eight months after the wedding, we settled in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and it would be a pleasure to help you experience magnificent adventures underwater.


Divemaster PADI – Skiper
Language : English

After hight school I am hired by the coast guard of St. Vincent where I learn to pilot boats.
At 24 I started diving with Indigo Dive and became Divemaster in 2013.
After that I will work 3 years with Indigo Dive when the center was in Buccament Bay.
What I like about diving is the calm, being able to stay on the bottom of the ocean for hours.
My favorite dives are those where we hunt the Lionfish. This fish who is invasive in the Caribbean.
I want to encourage all new divers, it’s normal to be a little stressed at first but the experience is worth it.
You will not regret it !


PADI Instructor
Languages : English , French, German


In 2009 I discovered that breathing under water is possible thanks to SCUBA, and that opened the door to a wonderful underwater world! Since then I have traveled all around the world to dive: Asia – Africa – Central America – Caribbean – Europe. Since becoming a PADI Instructor, I have had personal experience diving in hot water, cold water and even ice diving. I am particularly attentive to adapt each dive to each diver!

PADI Divemaster, Discover scuba diving leader
Language : French

After gliding with my paraglider for many years, in 2007, I decided to leave the sky to explore under water.

I have been able to scuba dive much of the world and out of passion I became Divemaster in 2014. My objective: Convey this passion to future divers and to discover the many and colorful wonders of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

My watchword: Security!

We are the parents of Josselin and parents-in-law of Leyla, and we are happy to share this beautiful adventure with them. We are just as passionate about diving as our son and daughter-in-law, and we look forward to welcoming you.